Before left the country I had a dinner party with my family at my grandfathers house in Albany, NY and he dropped this gem of knowledge before I left that night. 

This is the allegory which Gramps told to inspire the veracious direction of my moral compass, or what I can remember of it at least.

Well basically it goes “one day there was a dude and he was mining for gold in a river.  He would go into the water and sift through the mud looking for the shiny bits of metal, and it was hard work.  There was another man who would go to the river but instead of looking for gold in the mud, he figured it was way more fun to go swimming.  There were many days when the swimmer laughed at the prospector for looking for something he would never find.  One day the prospector found a huge chunk of gold, and suddenly all his efforts sifting through the mud every day became worthwhile. Well, the dude who swam every day became interested in the prospectors fortune and began sifting the river for gold himself.  Unfortunately for the sorry guy, the river began to dry up and he had no more resources to gain the wealth the other guy had found.  That’s it.

So I guess it’s all about taking advantage of the Opportunities available to you and putting in a little hard work to accomplish your aspirations.  For me, the task is discerning what the gold in my life is and staying unfettered until the creek runs dry.

I know I have a lot to learn, in all aspects of my life. I signed up for some classes I am passionate about and I am very excited to be spending a semester of my academic life in a country I am fascinated with. I have been joking that even if I can’t get credit back home for the classes I’m taking, if at the end of the semester I can cook and/or speak Spanish than everything will be worth it.  I’d settle for a couple good recipes and enough of Spanish to make good conversation.